Lark Duo

Lark Duo — duet Flute (Zina Kaynarska) and Guitar (Shannon Millard) was organised in 2013 and since this time the duet has been performing regularly.


In 2014 Zina and Shannon have recorded CD at Baker Street Studio (cover design by Lauren Kessel).

CD CoverLark-Duo-300x300

CD presentation (July 2014).

Repertoire of Lark Duo consists of the works of famous composers.
See the Lark Duo Programs in the PDF below.

 Lark Duo Videos

 Flute and Dresden Guitar — lovely

Zina says:

I am using flute-piccolo and Shannon is using the Dresden Guitar (he is the only one who   posses this guitar in Australia).

Here is an excerpt he sent to me about this amazing guitar, which he plays in all our performances.

“Hi Zina,

The Dresden Guitar is an instrument conceived and built by luthier Michael Thames in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the U.S.A. It is designed for Guitarists who wish to play the repertoire of the Baroque Lute using the original fingerings and in the original tuning, without switching to the Baroque Lute.

An important difference between the Lute and the Dresden guitar are the single strings on the Dresden which are playable with the guitarists nails and technique, as opposed to the doubled courses on the lute, which respond best to the flesh of the finger.

The Dresden also has the body of a guitar, which gives a tone similar to a regular guitar, as well as being easier for the guitarist to hold.The Dresden Guitar shares with the Baroque Lute its thirteen strings, and the D minor tuning which gives its music a characteristic sonority, with easily available cross-string dissonances. It allows the guitarist to use the same fingerings as on the Lute, and to read directly from the French Tablature, the notation system used for this music, without transcription or arrangement.

– Shannon Millard

Friends, I hope you enjoy the video, and I wish you all the best!