Glen Waverley (6 February 2015)

Moving German exhibition Memories in my luggage (Feb 2015):
“We were privileged to be entertained by the Lark Duo. Zina Kaynarska (flute) and Shannon Millard (guitar) are masters in classical and contemporary music. I love this shot of them relaxing after their performance!”  Facebook reference by Sabine Nelson.

Performance at Holy Trinity Anglican Church                (12 August 2018)One of the numerous performances at Melbourne RACV Club (September 2018)

Goethe Institut 17 04 2015

Performing at Goethe Institut (17 04 2015)

Russian Club Nadezhda (12 July 2015)

Russian Club Nadezhda (12 July 2015)

Lark Duo at Bohemian Club (2013)

Lark Duo at Bohemian Rhapsody Club (July 2013)


Recording CD with Phillip Gelbach. (Black Perl Studio October 2012)

Armadale Church (2007)

Armadale Church (2007)

Duet with Violist

Duet with Violist

Boroondara Bulletin (7 Feb 2000)

After the Zina’s performance in Fitzroy, published by Boroondara Bulletin (7 Feb 2000)

‘Lark Duo’ with new program ‘Old World – New World’, during Arts Festival at Holy Trinity Anglican Church (August 2018)

Performance of Baroque Masterpieces program at St Georges Church in the “Winter Music in the Valley” Festival (June 2018)

Performing in Glen Waverley (February 2015)

Performing in Glen Waverley (February 2015)


Zina and Shannon after the concert (2015)


Concert at Musical Museum (October 2013)

Nove 2013 Recording CD

Recording CD at Black Perl Studio


Musical Village in Darnum (2013)

Baroque Ensamble

Baroque Ensemble

Baker Street Studio

Concert in German Church (2005)

Concert in German Church (2005)